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"Sometimes I design electronic circuits.  I love my family.  It's that simple.

Nuff said."

18th September 2014 Written by Patrick

Going Live

Decided to take the site live tonight.  Not much on it yet, but it should grow soon.

Coincidentally; thirty-five years ago today, my family's home burned down.  Hope that doesn't mean anything here.

18th September 2014 Written by Patrick

Honda Magna Timing Chain Tensioners

I heard a terrible sound coming from the front bank of cylinders in early 2013.  It turns out that Honda utilized external timing chain tensioners on both banks of cylinders, and that they seem to fail often.  In my case, the tensioning spring did not break, but the tensioner apparently weakened so that I would hear the clatter of the timing chain when the engine was cool.  It was kinda embarrassing pulling up to a light sounding like a jalopy.  

If you have small hands it is possible to replace the front tensioner without removing the carbs, but you'll have much better access if you do remove them.  The rear tensioner can be tricky to get to as well as it is far up behind the engine.  Give yourself some time if you haven't done this before.  

I found pretty good prices at, though their shipping isn't the fastest.  

Here's what I paid in April of 2013:

$1.41  HP-12194-HC5-740 12194-HC5-740 GSKT, TENSIONER HOLE x 1

$1.31  HP-12194-KW3-880 12194-KW3-880 GSKT, TENSIONER HOLE x 1

$56.48  HP-14520-MZ5-003 14520-MZ5-003 LIFTER ASSY., RR. x 1

$64.96  HP-14530-MZ5-003 14530-MZ5-003 LIFTER ASSY., FR. x 1

$1.77  HP-90463-ML7-000 90463-ML7-000 WASHER (6.5MM) x 4

$0.64  HP-90502-KBV-000 90502-KBV-000 WASHER (6MM) x 2

Let me know if you have questions about the procedure...

15th September 2014 Written by Patrick

CSS JS Clock

I like analog clocks, always have...

Here is a simple javascript clock that uses CSS3 and jQuery.  I created a custom module in Joomla with code from CSS-TRICKS.



15th September 2014 Written by Patrick

Dungeon (Zork) Revisited

Around 1979 I was introduced to 'dungeo' on my uncle's PDP-11/34 running RSTS.  Yes, he had his own PDP-11/34 (a large room-dominating mini-computer).  He leased machine time to the company that employed him in a mutually benefical arrangement, but alas, that is another story, along with with his homebuilt & wire-wrapped PDP-11/05. 

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12th September 2014 Written by Patrick

It's about time

After working on for about a week and a half (part of my beautiful wife's birthday present), I decided to continue working on this site.  I have enjoyed my cousin's site, and said to myself, "I want one of them there sites too."  So here it is, like a tree falling in the forest with nobody around...

Usually before I take on a project, I will do some background research into what I am working on.  Sometimes there is little help available online, so I thought I'd add this site to be able to share some of the stuff that may help others.  Perhaps some of the problems I have encountered can be avoided by others. 

On July 10th, I was involved in a motorcycle accident which has put me in bed for several months while bones repair themselves (YAY for that!).  So to distract myself from finishing my master's thesis, I decided to finish this site up enough to put it online (I developed it on my local machine before putting it on the net). 



31st August 2014 Written by Patrick

Dungeon (Zork) Map

The glowing blue/white phosphor of my uncle's terminal read:

You are in an open field west of a big white house with a boarded front door.

There is a small mailbox here.

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