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It's about time

12th September 2014 // By Patrick

After working on for about a week and a half (part of my beautiful wife's birthday present), I decided to continue working on this site.  I have enjoyed my cousin's site, and said to myself, "I want one of them there sites too."  So here it is, like a tree falling in the forest with nobody around...

Usually before I take on a project, I will do some background research into what I am working on.  Sometimes there is little help available online, so I thought I'd add this site to be able to share some of the stuff that may help others.  Perhaps some of the problems I have encountered can be avoided by others. 

On July 10th, I was involved in a motorcycle accident which has put me in bed for several months while bones repair themselves (YAY for that!).  So to distract myself from finishing my master's thesis, I decided to finish this site up enough to put it online (I developed it on my local machine before putting it on the net). 




World famous cat herder from the greater Goleta area.  

"Sometimes I design electronic circuits.  I love my family.  It's that simple.

Nuff said."

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